Why Membership Matters

NBMS PTSA membership demonstrates your support for the school community and gives you a voice in how our PTSA functions.  Your dues allow us to cover basic operational costs (such as insurance for meetings and programs and publication of the student directory), sponsor events and activities, contribute to departments and programs (such as the media center, student assemblies, and the Science Olympiad), and purchase tools and supplies to enhance classroom learning.  While membership does not compel you to be active within our organization, your PTSA board nevertheless encourages you to take the one-meeting/two-hour pledge.  NBMS PTSA membership not only strengthens our organization but the larger network of PTSAs.  By joining now, you will help us meet our immediate financial obligations and more accurately gauge the need for additional fundraising.

Membership also helps you to connect to NBMS teachers and administrators, other parents, and valuable resources so that you can have a voice in your child's education and stay informed and advocate for issues affecting your child.  Note that only PTSA members receive a free NBMS directory.

Memberships are $45 per family, $25 per adult, or $7 per teacher/administrator.  Student membership is free with a parent/guardian membership.  To join, please pay directly below via PayPal, or print and complete the form at the bottom of the page and return it to NBMS with your payment. 

We are also asking for online donations to help support our PTSA fundraising efforts through the Direct Giving Campaign below.  Your support is very much appreciated by the whole school community.

Direct Giving Campaign   

Also please consider making a direct donation to the PTSA in addition to your membership dues.  We promise not to ask you to sell wrapping paper or reusable bags all year.  Instead, we ask that you make a simple donation to help the PTSA continue to offer the programs that all the teachers, parents and students enjoy throughout the year.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.


Please submit all required information below, or download and complete this PDF form.


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Online Payment by PayPal

Please donate to our Direct Giving Campaign!
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